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Pion Occasional Table

Ionna Vautrin
Ionna Vautrin was inspired by chess figures for Pion. The kings and queens are represented by the dining and conference tables. Rooks, bishops, and knights can all find their analogies within the occasional tables. Lastly, the humble pawn would be the equivalent of the little stool.
Product details

In chess, no two games are the same. And with the new finishes and sizes that Pion incorporates, Sancal looks to expand the possibilities of customisation with new, unique configurations for this colourful family of tables and stools. This design by Ionna Vautrin preserves the subtle essence of a classic, just like the game from which it draws its inspiration.

The Pion is a complete set of pieces. The queens and kings are represented by the dining and conference tables. Flexible enough to be used in a range of situations, from a meeting room to a restaurant or living room, they command attention wherever they are placed. Rooks, bishops and knights can all find their analogies within a legion of occasional tables. And yet, the humble pawn, the stool, should not be overlooked. Small and robust, its leather seat has been carefully tanned to match the colour of the lacquered base.

Sancal has made bold new moves. The high-gloss lacquered bases colours have been updated and are now available in a new extra matte finish.

Pion Fresno brings ash wood veneer tops to the range in every size and stain imaginable. The popular turned, slatted linden wood tops of the Pion Tilo remain, as do the Pion Petra’s Emperador Gold and Carrara marble.

  • Occasional table with slatted linden wood top and pillar
  • MDF base fitted with floor protectors
  • Diameter: 500 / 600
  • Height: 400

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