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Mousse Modular Sofa

Rafa García
Mousse modular sofa is a pleasure for all five senses, designed by Rafa García.
Product details

Mousse by Rafa García is a wide ranging seating system. Purist in its forms and balanced proportions, the sweet character is expressed through supple visual cues. A timeless look beyond ephemeral fashion.

The seat, fluffy and soft, emulates the texture of air bubbles so characteristic of the popular dessert. Mousse is an invitation to let go and be caught, transforming the action of sitting into an experience. The snug fibre and foam interior cocoons us and absorb the din of contemporary living. The scatter cushions help to enhance this feeling.

Another aspect that makes the Mousse unique is the varied array of modular elements available. Two types of modules and chaises with two arm heights, along with different poufs and terminals, offer unlimited possibilities to configure linear or angular compositions. This, coupled with an extensive selection of fabrics, means that the Mousse can fit into a wide range of interiors.

The accessories and details add identity to this model. Mousse includes an auxiliary table and three tray sizes with two different heights. which can be placed on any element (arm, back or seat).

The choice of upholstery fabrics is almost endless. However, we have made a careful and exclusive selection.

  • Modular seating system with removable seat covers
  • Structure made of wood with extra matte lacquered F1 steel feet
  • Headrest cushion filled with memory foam and H150 fibre
  • Seat Height: 390
  • Height: 660

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