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Lapso Acoustic Panel

Antoine Lesur, Marc Venot
Do not disturb. I’m taking a Lapso. A unique acoustic vertical hammock desgined by Antoine Lesur and Marc Venot, ideal for crowded public spaces, for a moment’s privacy.
Product details

Difficult to explain but easy to understand once you try it, Lapso is a new addition to Sancal’s catalogue. Lesur & Venot’s creation was recognised with an Hermès Award for the Best Author design in 2014. Years later, Sancal rescued this unique vertical hammock, ideal for crowded public spaces, enabling individuals to lean back for a moment’s privacy. “Like a private alcove which provides shelter for a quiet time for yourself”, explains Marc.

This slender and quiet upholstery furniture is fixed to the wall just like a piece of art. Once immersed in this “painting” you can enjoy a peaceful moment.

The “hood” contributes to improve acoustics thanks to its curved upholstered panels. The shape reflects sound back to the person making a call, causing them to natrually lower their voice, while the padded upholstery helps to dampen the room’s reverberation.

Improving acoustics in public spaces is undoubtedly an important function. However, Lapso verticality adds one more unique feature, a new type of comfort for a short break in bustling environments, during a trip or reflect quietly in the middle of an office, where everything goes very quickly. As a “not disturb” signal, Lapso communicates that “you are on a parenthesis”.

The wide range of textiles with acoustic properties for the hood can be freely combined with 5 mesh colours, although we recommend the combinations curated by the designers.

  • Acoustic panel with fixed fabric
  • F1 steel structure lacquered in the same colour as the mesh
  • This product is not available in leather
  • Height: 1260
  • Width: 780
  • Depth: 580