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Faces Occasional Table

Nathan Yong
Faces occasional table, a playful and sculptural human touch designed by Nathan Yong.
Product details

Anthropomorphic figures or wooden blocks? While playing with perspectives and optical illusions, Nathan Yong reveals a gentler and more relaxed side of the art of designing.

With a clear human approach, the Faces tables reflect our desire to unmask our-selves. Artistic and provocative, they are rooted in the essence of Sancal.

In order to create functional tables, the designer moves away from traditional aesthetics, using unusual shapes which change their appearance depending on the angle of vision. In this sense, the small details are not superfluous, as they add volume and allow Faces to go from being an animated object to an abstract piece.

Beyond the conventional function of a side table - as a support or as a pedestal for plants or lamps - the warmth provided by its wooden body and the playfulness of its humanised shape remind us of the importance of the well-being that interior design and furniture can evoke.

Made from oak, the wood grain adds texture and expressiveness. The range of stain colours can add even more character when using a vibrant palette or make a more discreet piece if natural tones are chosen. Either way, this is undoubtedly artistic piece. A joyful and fun design that celebrates the sense of creativity in its purest state, without restrictions.

  • Occasional wooden table in solid slatted oak
  • Available in two models in two different heights
  • Diameter: 400 / 380
  • Height: 580 / 660