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Estante Acoustic Cabinet

Juan Ibáñez
Estante, a playful acoustic cabinet designed by Juan Ibáñez.
Oak, fabric and aluminium play quietly together!
Product details

Estante is as versatile and cheerful as Juan Ibáñez Lax, Estudio Sancal’s designer and the author of this modular piece of furniture with acoustic properties.

The aluminium shelves provide the platform upon which everything else is built. Oak pillars and feet screw into place to create the structure which is then adorned by perforated aluminium or upholstered doors and panels.

These textile elements dress the Estante and add a sound-absorbing function, going beyond mere decoration. The perforated aluminium doors present an attractive contrast while minimising acoustic interference.

The furniture’s highly configurable design transcends its storage function as it can be used as sideboard, bookcase, television stand or a divider. Add wheels to create a trolley or invent your own use case!

The oak legs are available in a wide range of colours, providing yet more personalisation.

The Estante is so playful that the different elements can be reconfigured at will.

  • Acoustic cabinet with structure made of anodised aluminium extrusion
  • Legs and columns made of solid oak
  • Available with upholstered door or metal door
  • Aluminium back and side panel fitted with fibre and upholstery
  • Legs can be specified either on 4 castors, 2 castors and 2 glides, or 4 glides
  • Width: 700 / 1400 / 2100