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Canto Modular Sofa

Inspired by the carved shapes of quarries, Canto fuses industrial aesthetics with the comfort and warmth of upholstered furniture.
Product details

This simple, one-piece modular system goes beyond the limits of conventional design by combining the artistic and the industrial with the simplicity that characterises the work of the Valencian design studio Mut. Accustomed to designs where soft, rounded silhouettes prevail, with Canto they demonstrate that they are also masters of angular forms.

Each module seems to be sculpted directly from the rock of a quarry: a square block, solid and compact, sectioned by a curved cut to obtain two pieces that then overlap to create a backrest and seat. It is accompanied by a totemic small table. Almost a monolith, the table design also plays with angular and rounded shapes.

Canto is the definition of simplicity and flexibility. Versatility is key, as a single module can be used to create an infinite number of configurations and compositions: sofas, armchairs, islands and much more.

It is also striking and expressive. Textures and colours can dress its forms according to the style of the interior. The sculptural character of Canto is undeniable, whether as individual pieces or in the multiple options offered by its modular nature.

Whether in a corner or as the focal point of a room, Canto adapts effortlessly, but always with character. It is perfect for both private and public spaces.

  • Fixed upholstery
  • Only the modules fitted with brackets, represented with a thick line, can be joined
  • Seat structure: wood fitted with 80mm elastic webbing, covered with polyurethane foam, covered in polyester fibre
  • Back and arm structure: wood, covered with polyurethane foam of varying densities, covered in polyester fibre
  • Height adjustable stoppers
  • Seat Height: 400
  • Height: 720
  • Width: 710 / 1430 / 2140 / 2860
  • Depth: 710