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Nlc Office Chair

William R. Breen
Smooth ride, engineered for strength and comfort.
Product details

Like most truly innovative products, William R. Breen created the Next Level Chair—‘NLC’—from years’ worth of evolution in the seating industry. Not one to blindly follow trends, Breen’s design envisions how an office chair can serve multiple purposes and adjust to suit each individual user’s needs. His philosophy of design is always holistic, focused on user comfort and ease of use. The NLC reflects his desire to create “a piece of furniture, not just a chair”; it is a stylish, design-forward chair that will elevate the aesthetic of any space and match the sensibilities of the user.

  • Office chair with heavy-duty 5-prong polished aluminum base on carpet castors
  • Available with closed loop, flip-up, or adjustable armrest
  • Built in height adjustable lumbar support
  • Optional adjustable headrest available
  • Seat Height: 419 - 533
  • Height: 965 - 1080 / 1194 - 1334
  • Width: 660
  • Depth: 635

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