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Smelly Fant Floor Lamp

Isidro Ferrer, Mariví Calvo
Smelly Fant, an elephantiod light, designed by Isidro Ferrer & Mariví Calvo, is another Funny Farm character that brings a smile to every face.
Product details

Literally speaking, this elephant in the room is one that cannot be ignored. Standing 163 centimetres tall (that’s over 1 1/2 metres), Elephant is the life-size creation of Isidro Ferrer’s Funny Farm character—Smelly Fant. An inspired light sculpture, Elephant is certain to bring a smile to every face and arouse a feeling of wonderment.

To produce the Elephant light, craftsman Manolo Martin employed the ‘vareta’ technique (used in creating the life-size Fish). The result is a handsome handmade wooden structure: an elephantoid lamp with big ears, a trunk, legs and body. A soft and cheerful light is diffused through Elephant’s natural wood veneer inner lining.

Perfect for a myriad of public and private settings, Elephant is happiest when surrounded by loving and curious individuals.

  • Floor lamp made of oak & birch wood
  • Diffuser made of wood veneer
  • Height: 1630
  • Width: 1600
  • Depth: 980

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