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Raindrop Suspension Lamp

Javier Herrero
Raindrop collection is the droplet of light designed by Javier Herrero visualising the simplicity and beauty of a small stationary raindrop.
Product details

Visualise the simple beauty of a stationary raindrop, a small and glistening droplet that instead of falling, remains in a state of suspended animation. While Tina couldn’t stand the rain against her window, the Raindrop pendant is a welcome sight.

Javier Herrero imagined and designed the Raindrop pendant, its suspended shade made using strips of wood veneer that contain a glowing ball. Available in small and medium sizes, the Raindrop’s form is playful and poised. It is a light that will hang gracefully by itself and is especially pleasing and engaging when arranged in a group formation.

  • Suspension lamp with wood veneer shade
  • Canopy in matte nickel metal with frosted glass ball
  • Available in two sizes: small and medium
  • Diameter: 180 / 220
  • Height: 300 / 360