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Paisley Screen

Luis Eslava Studio
Paisley, the zen screen, designed by the Spanish designer Luis Eslava to create an aesthetically unique, pleasing, and decorative room divider.
Product details

The intricate pattern on the Paisley screen brings to mind the famous droplet-shaped paisley motif, with its distinctive curving decoration. Designed by Luis Eslava, Paisley is an artistic modular floor-standing partition, handmade from cherrywood veneer. By connecting several Paisley modules, one can create an aesthetically pleasing and decorative room divider.

In both natural and artificial light, the Paisley screen’s weaving and flowing patterns cast exquisite swirling shadows that delight the eye. With its Zen-like quality and delicate woodwork, the prepossessing Paisley screen could be straight out of a traditional Japanese house or ryokan.

  • Screen made of wood veneer
  • Frame and feet made of cherry wood
  • Height: 2050
  • Width: 935
  • Depth: 360