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Link Chain Suspension Lamp

Mariví Calvo, Ray Power
The heroic light - Link Chain, designed by Mariví Calvo and Ray Power, has an obvious ‘link’ between brilliance and beauty, form and function that immediately draws the eye, adding an element of drama to its surroundings.
Product details

The Link Chain is a pendant that immediately draws the eye. Resplendent in its precise arrangement, the Link Chain is especially heroic: bold and venturesome, prodigious and grand. Adding an element of drama to its surroundings, the Link Chain decorates, illuminates, and captivates.

The Link Chain was conceived by Mariví Calvo and Ray Power. Using the Link Modular suspension lamp, the Link Chain is constructed with three, four or six modules. The effect is quite remarkable: the billowy, cloud-like Link modules are fastened together, metamorphosing into a heroic tower of light.

  • Suspension lamp with wood veneer shade
  • Comes with black metal tripod
  • Available in three different sizes : small, medium, and large
  • Diameter: 690
  • Height: 1000 / 1250 / 1750

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