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Lens Wall Lamp

Lens, a compact lamp, designed by Mut Design has a curious gait that can be used for concentrating or dispersing light. It is full of character and entirely radiant, Lens greets every space with a beaming smile.
Product details

Designed by MUT, Lens is a family of circular and oval lamps whose wood veneer shades diffuse light, while framing an aperture or mirror. With Lens, MUT crafted an original lamp that is both balanced and effortless, with a fluent design.

The Lens Super Oval Wall’s elongated oval shade and mirror make a smart-looking glass and an elegant addition to any room.

The Lens Oval Wall incorporates a central mirror that reflects the lamp’s surroundings. Placed vertically or horizontally, this lamp is an elegant addition to any room.

The Lens Circular Wall is a cosy light with a central mirror. The wood veneer shade diffuses a soft light, while the mirror reflects a glimpse of the lamp’s surroundings.

  • Wall lamp with wood veneer shade, central mirror, and metal ring
  • Available in three shapes: circular, oval, and super oval
  • Available with dimmable system
  • Diameter: 245
  • Height: 455 / 780
  • Width: 220
  • Depth: 45

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