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I-club Slim Suspension Lamp

Burkhard Dämmer
I-Club is a symmetrical light designed by Burkhard Dämmer with clean architectural lines that will illuminate its surroundings with understated elegance.
Product details

Designed by Burkhard Dämmer, I-Club epitomises the use of clean lines in good design. The symmetrical beauty of this lamp is evident across each of its forms.

Available as a Short or Long lighting fixture, the I-Club Slim Suspension has the option of a black or white top diffuser (black preventing any upward light), and a matt satin acrylic bottom diffuser. This sharp and elegant lamp is especially ideal for any environment requiring directional, downward lighting, for example, above a desk or kitchen surface. The I-Club Slim Suspension is also striking when arranged in a uniform formation.

The I-Club Slim Suspension is available in the following wood veneers: Natural Cherry, Ivory White, Natural Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Grey, Pale Rose, and Sea Blue.

  • Suspension lamp with wood veneer shade
  • Top diffuser available in black and white, bottom diffuser made of matt satin acrylic
  • Available with dimming system
  • Height: 100
  • Width: 1200 / 1530
  • Depth: 100

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