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Hi-collar Wall Lamp

Ray Power
Hi-Collar wall lamp by Ray Power is the unobtrusive light inspired by an elegant cut of a stiff shirt collar.
Product details

Inspired by the traditional stiff shirt collar of old, Ray Power designed the Hi-Collar wall light. This small and simple lamp casts an indirect light in subdued tones both upwards and downwards, while the single piece of bent wood veneer diffuses a warming glow.

With its elegant cut, Hi-Collar strikes a distinctly considerate pose. There is no preening or primping, just a straightforward, minimalistic, and unobtrusive light. It is a light perfectly suited to quiet spaces in homes and hotels, studios, and eateries.

  • Wall lamp with wood veneer shade
  • Comes with black nickel metal back plate
  • Height: 170
  • Width: 240
  • Depth: 170