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Eris Table Lamp

Mayice Studio
Designed by Mayice, Eris - the ethereal light has an abstract beauty similar to the planet of the same name. Radiant when the light is on and ornamental when off, it captures the perfect symbiosis of glass and wood.
Product details

With its minimal, orb-like shape and tranquil presence, Eris has an ethereal beauty. Designed by Mayice, Eris consists of several distinct components: a natural wood veneer tube contained within a hand-blown borosilicate glass orb, finished with a contrasting metal base. The perfect accent lamp, Eris has a soft and pleasing ambience that captures the sublime quality of glass paired with wood.

In the Eris Table lamp, we see the interplay between light and shadow, glass and wood. The design evokes a sense of quietude, leaving room for individual self-expression.

Eris Table is available in four wood veneers: Natural Cherry, Ivory White, Natural Beech, and Pale Rose. Its metal finishes are Aluminium and Black.

  • Eris lamp made of several components: hand-blown borosilicate glass orb, a wood veneer tube (contains LED light), and a metallic base
  • Available as both table lamp and suspension lamp
  • Diameter: 220
  • Height: 400

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