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Domo Suspension Lamp

RQR Estudio
Domo the earnest light designed by Rqr Estudio with a handsome, reserved, strong, and aesthetically presented form that has an inner flame and passion that truly shines.
Product details

With its handsome form, Domo is reserved, strong, and aesthetically presented. Designed by Valencia-based Rqr Studio, Domo consists of two layers: an outer layer formed using four interlocking timber veneer slats and an inner layer fashioned from seamless veneer joints. In history, the dome is a structure that exhibits strength. It is therefore fitting that Domo is an earnest light, with an inner flame and passion that truly shines.

Domo reflects light downwards and is perfect for a variety of tasks and chores. At the same time, Domo’s wood veneer diffuses light outwards, creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Pure, simple, and practical, Domo is delightfully earnest.

  • Suspension lamp with wood veneer shade
  • Canopy made of matte nickel metal
  • Height: 380
  • Width: 380
  • Depth: 380