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Obi Daybed

Ludovica Serafini, Roberto Palomba
From the land of the Rising Sun to find the meaning of Obi, the newest seating collection designed by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba.
Product details

Obi is the newest seating collection designed by the veteran Milanese duo Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. A tribute to Japanese culture, Obi takes a piece of Japan’s most remarkable garment, the kimono, and turns it into its key element. This piece is none other than the belt, the obi.

The most curious thing about it is that it must be completely different from the colors and themes of the kimono. The designers have translated this into an elastic band wrapping the sofa backrest cushions. Simple as it may seem, this sash made either of a waterproof textile or leather generates a chromatic or material variation and gives the collection its key feature.

This obi is that tiny bit of disruption, that chaotic component that defines beauty as a variation with respect to an overly constructed order. With a structure made of aluminium injection molding 100% recyclable and profile extrusion, Obi is a highly technological collection conceived for outdoor use, but as comfy and elegant as any indoor sofa would be.

  • Daybed with structure made of high resistance aluminum profile
  • Injected aluminum legs, and finished with polyester powder
  • Belt made of Zander technical fabric or Premium Sunbrella Sling
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Removable upholstered cover
  • Height: 770
  • Width: 1750
  • Depth: 1660

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