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  • Features

    • Small outdoor folding chair
    • Painted steel frame
    • Seat and back available in black, white, antique iron, aluminium, indian brown, red, green, blue, orange and lilac
  • Dimensions

    • Width: 425
    • Height: 810
    • Seat Height: 440
    • Depth: 430
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  • About the Product

    Colourful and casual, the Arc en Ciel collection is dedicated to those who love spending time outdoors, even in smaller-scaled environments. The line now includes lounge seating with armrests, a footrest ottoman, and a coffee table. The folding chair also gets a new look and is now available in two-tone, something only EMU can achieve thanks to its special technical expertise.
  • The Brand

    EMU - Elettro Meccanica Umbra - was started in Italy in 1951 to produce military equipment; specifically radios. The founders of EMU, brothers Aldo and Angelo Biscarini, and Dante Menconi, stumbled on a process to plasticise the metal components of the radios to protect them from the weather.

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  • Environmental Performance

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