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Bloc Modular Lighting System

Etre Moderne
Bloc, designed by Etre Moderne, is a solution that creates the freedom to combine diverse luxurious materials in a high-end linear lighting design.
Product details

The °bloc system invites to combine several natural materials such as marble, oak, walnut, brass and different finishes of anodised aluminum. These can all be matched according to your interior.

We noticed that in the lighting industry, the colors black and white dominate, certainly for linear lighting. This inspired us to create an alternative.

We did not want to limit ourselves to using just one single material, we wanted to push the boundaries and explore the use of diverse materials.

A sleek design, easy to install, modular and without visible fastening elements.

On the other hand, to transfer the electricity to the light fittings easily, a standard track was chosen. You can attach the blocks to it with clips. The biggest challenge was to align the various materials, each with their unique characteristics.

  • Modular lighting system available in three versions: bloc stripe, bloc spot, and bloc bevel