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Nico Lounge Chair

Luca Nichetto
Nico designed by Luca Nichetto is formed from two inverted conical shapes with generous flanges separating the upper and lower sections to trace the arms and back silhouette.
Product details

The progressive, unprecedented design of Nico establishes itself as the undeniable centerpiece of any space. Formed from two inverted conical shapes, the bottom rises to create a wide center point, while the backrest continues to narrow as it reaches the top of the chair.

The exterior is rigid while the interior is covered with soft molded foam to achieve maximum comfort.

Nico’s self-return swivel allows the user to turn, engage, and converse with others.

Generous flanges separate the upper and lower sections where they meet and continue along the arms and back silhouette.

Nico’s presence transforms dynamically by selecting contrasting upholstery for the interior and exterior body.

  • Fully upholstered lounge chair
  • Swivel base with self-return mechanism
  • Seat Height: 435
  • Height: 787
  • Width: 897
  • Depth: 814