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Finale Lounge Chair

Charles Pollock
Finale collection designed by Charles Pollock brings a distinct style and comfort to any living area, its casual, relaxed style indulgence in luxury.
Product details

The Finale seating collection, the last in Charles Pollock’s 50-year design career, offers a design approach that uses a continuous line to lead you in one direction: toward simplicity. The grouping includes pieces that offer a minimal profile with a period modern appeal, yet at the same time, looks very ‘of the moment.’

The product grouping includes a club chair and sleek, modern sofa that rests on a base that appears to be floating in space. The base is available in a polished or brushed stainless steel or matte black finish.

Generous seat cushions and gently sloping arm and back cushions add balance to the rigor of the sofa’s external structure.

The body of the lounge and sofa is traced in a matching or contrasting loop stitch, creating an interesting architectural framework for each piece.

The exterior shell of the chair and sofa, along with the cushions, can be specified in matching or contrasting fabric to accentuate the two elements.

  • Upholstered lounge chair
  • Base options available include: polished stainless steel base, brushed stainless steel base, and matte black powder coat base 
  • Seat Height: 419
  • Height: 699
  • Width: 829
  • Depth: 718

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