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Becca Sofa

Terry Crews
The Becca collection by designer Terry Crews at Bernhardt Design was inspired by the idea that when it comes to contemporary design, the form should not take precedence over comfort.
Product details

Becca is a seating collection inspired by transitional architecture that bridges the gap between traditional and modern design, creating a new and comfortably warm aesthetic. Becca works just as well at home as it does in a commercial space by providing enhanced comfort without sacrificing clean design, resulting in lounge pieces that are irresistibly cozy and still deliver a sleek, modern appearance.

The grouping ranges from club chairs, settees, and sofas to a collection of modular pieces.

Graceful and elegant lines are accentuated by a continuous welt that traces the perimeter with saddle stitch seams on the interior and exterior.

Contrasting textiles for the seat, inner and outer back, and welt present numerous custom options.

  • Fully upholstered sofa
  • Upholstery options available: standard upholstery with plain welt and leather with bespoke welt
  • Saddle-stitched seams on the inside and outside
  • Available in two-seat, three-seat, and in modular configuration
  • Seat Height: 457
  • Height: 797
  • Width: 2134 / 2505
  • Depth: 810