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Automatic Lounge Chair

Cory Grosser
Automatic by Cory Grosser is an ideal lounge chair for today’s open spaces, it is lightweight and can be easily moved.
Product details

A lounge chair designed for both comfort and practicality, Automatic literally ‘goes where you go,’ with the help of a tailored pull-strap and concealed casters. Its unique design is ideal for today’s open spaces. When the need for privacy arises, the lightweight chair can be easily moved to a quieter space.

Automatic features non-marring stationary glides, and free-wheel or self-locking casters that allow for effortless movement or sitting in a stationary position.

The molded foam double-shell provides the ability to choose different textiles for the exterior body, interior cushions, and tab-pull, artfully altering Automatic’s appearance.

  • Fully upholstered lounge chair with pull strap
  • Three base options available: stationary with non-marring glides, mobile with free-wheel swivel castors, and mobile with weight-activated resistant castors for hard floor applications
  • Pull strap is pre-sewn and installed during upholstery
  • Seat Height: 439
  • Height: 775
  • Width: 800
  • Depth: 832