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Track Modular Sofa

Norm Architects
From rectilinear to organic – from casual seating to engaged work situations - Track, by Norm Architects, can be combined and repurposed endlessly.
Product details

Track is a modular sofa concept with an iconic and sculptural approach. The floating rock-like formations create a comfortable landscape of small seating islands that will become the center of attention in any interior. A solid foam construction to maintain a sharp appearance with high comfort.

The sofa consists of two parts; a solid seating and an almost floating backrest creating a mesmerizing shadow drop on both sides. Furthermore, it is possible to create a versatile collection with extended options for loose armrests and beautifully designed electrical components.

Designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: ‘Our designs are always created to meet needs - and as architects working with interior design in the contract market - designing hotels, restaurants, office spaces, and retail - we saw the demand for a simple and beautiful modular sofa that could accommodate an array of needs in different settings. A sofa that is flexible and a product that can easily be shaped to any given space and situation – from rectilinear to organic – from casual seating to engaged work situations - Track can be combined and repurposed endlessly. The name Track came from the inspiration of building blocks or tracks being assembled to form a movement through a landscape – in this case, a landscape of interior and furniture.

  • Upholstered modular sofa
  • Armrest options available: no armrest, fixed armrest, upholstered armrest, or loose armrest
  • Optional power outlets available
  • Seat Height: 410
  • Height: 760