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500 Series Lounge Chair

Geoffrey Harcourt
500 series is generous, inviting and comfortable lounge chair, a classic lounge chair available in many variants.
Product details

Designer Geoffrey D. Harcourt RDI distinguish himself with this series swivel chairs by the comfort form and striking upholstery. The idea of the F500 armchair originate because the girlfriend of Harcourt RDI like to curl up in cross-leggs. He was fascinated by this very female attitude. The result of this fascinated attitude resulted by the F500 armchair: An armchair with all comfort of an easy armchair, and wide enough to suit an unusual seating area.

The F587 and F588 armchair has a special appearance due to its deep-buttoned padded seat. The buttons are particularly attractive in leather. A swivel armchair to snuggle in and enjoy. Just like the other variants from the 500 series, this armchair has a high and low seat and you can choose between a trumpet or cross base or a rocker base. However, the latter can only be combined with the high seat.

Who can resist a rocking chair? It reminds us of our childhood when our parents lulled us to sleep or you rocked as high as you could. Now you simply relax and rock yourself into daydreams of distant paradise resorts and happiness beyond measure. Rocking has to be the ultimate way of relaxing. In fact, a rocker base on Harcourt’s much-loved and extremely comfortable 500-series shell chairs provides incredible comfort.

The shell chairs in this series, each of which has its own characteristic upholstery, are already great on a fixed base. Now that the original rocker base has been restored to its place of honour, they are absolutely irresistible.

  • Upholstered lounge chair
  • Available base options include: disc, 4-legged, and rocking base
  • Backrest available in two different heights
  • Explore the Artifort factory fabrics HERE
    This does not include the options for customers own material or leather.
  • Seat Height: 350 / 360 / 380
  • Height: 820 / 850 / 950 / 980
  • Width: 820 / 840 / 920 / 980
  • Depth: 850 / 860 / 920 / 980 /1000