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  • Features

    • Acoustic panels that is characterised by a hexagonal shape
    • Upholstery available in Soul (in-house fabric)
    • Made of fire retardant expanded polystyrene certified sound absorbing and insulating
    • Can be fixed to the wall or ceiling by double sided adhesive tape and glue
    • Also available in a non-quilted version
  • Dimensions

    • Width: 400
    • Height: 350
    • Depth: 30
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  • About the Product

    Besides dampening sound, the Tea acoustic panels will brighten up the dullest of rooms. Moreover, with each hexagon weighing only150 grams, they can be easily fixed vertical or sloping walls, or even ceilings. The acoustic panels are upholstered in Soul felt and can be quilted in the following references: 63050, 66103, 68087 y 68088. The acoustic properties not only reduce echoes and reverberations within the room, but also help protect against noise pollution from outside. Multiple factors may alter the degree of sound absorption and isolation, such as the building or decor materials, as well as the quantity of panels used and the dimensions of the room.
  • The Brand

    Sancal was founded in 1973 by Santiago Castano. More than 40 years later Sancal is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of contemporary furniture. All of Sancal’s products are made in Spain and conform to strict quality and environmental controls.

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  • Environmental Performance

    • KE-ZU Rating
      0 /10 Great
    • GECA Certified