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The naked table!
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The naked table! The Vichy dining tables by the French duo BrichetZiegler flaunts a breathtaking tabletop aloft legs that seem to go on forever. The design casts aside the bland conventions that have, until recently, been hidden under flowing tablecloths. Todayï¾’s table designs have been laid bare by the trend for chefs to serve their creations on only the scantiest of placemats. Gingham fabric, or vichy in French, used to dress both people and tables for generations, lends the product more than just its name. This unmistakable pattern of squares has been replicated in oak, sycamore and walnut marquetry. Even if the restaurant shrouds the Vichy in a long table cloth, two slender solid oak legs will peak out cheekily, held in place by a shoe-like stand that will resist even the clumsiest of dates.

  • Table with top made of natural sycamore and oak with smoked oak and American walnut marquetry
  • Pilar is in solid oak while the base is silver colored, heavily textured MDF with floor protectors