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  • Features

    • Panel system with completely removable covers (except leather)
    • Upholstery available in a range of in-house fabrics or customers own material
    • Headboard holder has aluminum rails with hooks for fastening the boards
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  • About the Product

    Patchwork panels represent a shift of perspective. Inspired by the traditional patchwork quilt, the idea is to bring this rich mosaic of shapes, textures and colours from the bedspread to the wall, as a headboard. Patchwork consists of 4 upholstered panels. Each panel is easily inserted in a lightweight aluminium bar and one can place them in different positions. Depending on the orientation of the pieces, we can achieve a more sober and serene composition or a more irregular and exciting one. To simplify the choice of panels, we have created a series of predefined compositions. Each of these compositions in turn allows different placements of the panels. As an option, we can incorporate LED lighting. This is soft and indirect lighting that spreads around the perimeter of the headboard. The LED is attached to the aluminum bar that serves as support for the panels. The switch is activated by a sensor touch, so that we control the on and off functions by bringing the hand closer to the sensor. Patchwork can be upholstered in fabric, leather or synthetic leather.
  • The Brand

    Sancal was founded in 1973 by Santiago Castano. More than 40 years later Sancal is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of contemporary furniture. All of Sancal’s products are made in Spain and conform to strict quality and environmental controls.

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