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Jos Manuel Ferrero, of EstudiHac, presents two chairs and an easy chair based on a castanet, one of the most emblematic Spanish instruments: the image of a lady clapping together two halves of clam-shaped wood is famous the world over.
Product details

Just as two halves of clam-shaped wood are clapped together with a castanet, the armchair's curved metal structure is made of two elements that have been welded into place. The Casta's light structure is a radical departure from traditional thick, padded solutions for an armchair. By using a technologically advanced fabric, even the need for elastic webbing has been eliminated. The cushions have been integrated into the cover itself to provide the comfort you would expect from a Sancal product. As the structure, in part, is provided by the fabric, this product is only available in Omega by Gabriel. The cover is fixed to the structure on both sides, as if it were a hammock. The flap that covers the cushions and seating area cunningly conceals the seams. The metal structure is in a matte, textured finish to which warm, smooth ash wood armrests provide a contrast and remind us of the castanet's wooden touch. The structure and armrests are available in: - Black: structure black epoxy + armrests stained black + black piping. - Grey: structure grey epoxy + armrests stained silk grey + grey piping. - Brown: structure brown epoxy + armrests stained walnut colour + brown piping. The upholstery is fixed and cannot be removed.

  • Upholstered lounge armchair with F1 steel coated structure available in black, grey or brown
  • Wooden arm support made of ash and comes in a matching stain
  • Upholstery available in a range of in-house fabrics
  • Seat Height: 400
  • Height: 860
  • Width: 670
  • Depth: 750

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