Peter's House by Studo David Thulstrup

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About the Project

Studio David Thulstrup share their inspiration, “The design evolved from worn-out warehouses and factories with their blackened steel and old bricks; a concept which was sparked by the desire to retain the three raw-brick walls of the old garage on site.” The material palette includes concrete, terrazzo, oak timber from Dinesen, original brick work, Kvadrat textiles in rich hues and blackened steel – both plain and perforated. Inspiration was also taken from urban rooftop gardens to meet the client’s request for an integrated green space. The resulting rooftop design comes as a surprise given the slickness of the interior design, yet compliments (or perhaps enhances) the underlying earthy elements in the space that make it feel warm and domestic. The perfect mix of theatre, quirk and earth, Peter’s House is pure brilliance.