Poncelet Cheese Bar

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About the Project

The interior design studio headed by Jose Manuel Ferrero has designed the new Poncelet Cheese Bar in Barcelona. Hosted by the Hotel Meli Sarri, the 400 square meter restaurant is bound to become the meeting point for cheese lovers in Barcelona. The perfect place to enjoy a totally new culinary concept. The new project retains the basic ideas that lay behind its successful predecessor in Madrid. Eclectic and fresh, the design communicates a unique personality. Within the bar there are a variety of spaces with different seating propositions for different easting styles. The reception features a library, full of books with everything you could ever want to know about cheese. EstudiHac chose Casta lounge chairs and Pion tables to create an area to relax or wait. Within the restaurant a wide range of tables have been selected, amongst which we find the Tea and Casta chairs along with comfortable Talo lounge chairs. Comfortable Tea stools have been placed at the bar.

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