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  • Features

    • Free-standing lamp with touch controller to customise and adapt the light
    • Its optics is designed to avoid visual fatigue
    • Available in black and white
  • Dimensions

    • Width: 890
    • Height: 1800
    • Depth: 118
  • Downloads

  • About the Product

    Flat is a free-standing luminaire designed for accompaniment and lighting in work, study and reading stations. Its optics project comfortable light onto the work surface and can light one or two desks. A simple and stylish design that combines the essentials in a shape that’s ideal for flexible spaces that seek an atmosphere of concentration. Flat projects all its light onto the work area uniformly, enhancing the work surface. They perform without overpowering the user, avoiding visual fatigue while creating the right climate to improve performance and well-being. Flat is very versatile: its solid base lets it move to where it’s needed, providing flexibility and facilitating the rearrangement of furniture, so it can be integrated into complex and demanding architectural spaces.
  • The Brand

    Established in 2013 by Simon, the leading Spanish Lighting Manufacturer, Fluvia aims to produce different spaces via the clever use of light.

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  • Environmental Performance

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