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  • Features

    • High resistance oval aluminum tube
    • Hand-woven flat synthetic fiber made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), 6mm/ 0.24” wide.
  • Dimensions

    • Width: 480
    • Height: 810
    • Seat Height: 470
    • Depth: 570
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  • About the Product

    “The basic premise was to get a light and simple piece that combined with the classic braided, acquires a calm and warm character. A piece capable of going unnoticed while catches every eye". Easy chairs present a wide range of colors and are able to adapt to any space.
  • The Brand

    La Exportadora del Mimbre was founded by lawyer Miguel Laso Tortosa in 1960 to export wicker products. Tortosa had identified a gap in the European market for products made from natural materials. He brought in the wicker from the nearby region of Cuenca and it was handcrafted into baskets, folding screens, cradles and toys. A few years later, armchairs and loungechairs were added to the company’s range.

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  • Environmental Performance

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