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  • Features

    • Modular lighting system enables vertical growth for three dimensional compositions
    • Light block can rotate 360° with fins and diffuser that can avoids glare
    • DALI one-to-one equipment is incorporated, allowing individual light control and adaptation
    • Lighting tone available in warm and cool with colour rendering that prevents distortions
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  • About the Product

    Slim System includes customisable, flexible, versatile lighting structures that draw on three dimensions of space, adapting their form and light to the architecture. The combination of vertical and horizontal sections, along with the rest of the elements of the system, allows the pieces to extend over the space, becoming part of the construction and creating functional sculptures that integrate into their various environments. The module parts are easy to assemble, enhancing the opportunity for creativity, and so unique structures can be composed that harmonise with the design of interiors, where light only appears when it is necessary.
  • The Brand

    Established in 2013 by Simon, the leading Spanish Lighting Manufacturer, Fluvia aims to produce different spaces via the clever use of light.

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  • Environmental Performance

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      0 /10 Great
    • GECA Certified