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  • Features

    • Each module can be cut every 8 cm
    • Extreme efficiency with high tech diffuser
    • Can be installed surface mounted
    • recessed and pendant
    • Control possibilities include DALI
    • 1-10V and DMX
    • Available in anodized aluminum
    • black or white
    • Made from anodized/ painted aluminium
    • Available in RGB led
    • Dimmable
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  • About the Product

    Continues lines of light, without limits. Each led module can be cut every 8 cm, this gives architects and lighting designers a lot of flexibility. Led line has a very good efficiency. A high tech diffusor was implemented to block as less light as possible and still give an opal look. Led line can be installed surface mounted, recessed and pendant. It offers a lot of control possibilities: DALI, 1-10V and DMX. Available in anodized aluminum, black or white.
  • The Brand

    This Belgium-based company is producing some of the most innovative lighting in the world today. Founded in 2002 by Jonkmans Electrical Works, EDEN collaborated with design architect Bart Lens and hasn’t looked back.

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  • Environmental Performance

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