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Bernhardt Design
  • Features

    • Solid maple or walnut seat
    • Polished stainless steel legs
    • Availble in two sizes
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  • About the Product

    The Fly bench was designed for Bernhardt as part of the Global Edition furniture. The concept for the collection is timelessness; simple, pure and universal design that nonetheless breaks the mold. Fly is available with a solid oak or walnut plank, suspended in mid-air by two stainless-steel triangles. The bench is sculpturally expressive yet structuraly sound. It is clean, iconic, aesthetic -- yet ergonomic. The two sides of the bench gently slope inward for maximum comfort when seated. Tension is created, and then resolved through a winning design that thinks through every detail.
  • The Brand

    Orphaned at 13, John Bernhardt jumped a box-car to Oregon hoping to become a government surveyor. He returned home three years later to pursue a career as a timber cutter. After buying a sawmill he saw the opportunity to use timber to make solid oak bedroom furniture. Pretty soon folks in Chicago and New York City started buying this furniture for their homes. And so in 1889 the Bernhardt Furniture Company was born in North Carolina. Berhardt’s skill was in leveraging the area’s plentiful supply of beautiful timbers, and local woodworking skills. Never one to do things by halves, he opened his factory with 25 employees.

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