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Bernhardt Design
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    • Modular system
    • Available in multiple fabrics
    • Fully upholstered
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    "When I was young, I loved playing in streams and rivers, and stepping stones were central to my adventures. They formed paths from one side to the other and were places to stop and observe the world," says Duchaufour-Lawrance. "I wanted to create that experience with furniture where people could congregate, reflect or simply relax." As a result, Duchaufour-Lawrance created a flexible seating system of elegantly simple shapes. Colours is comprised of twelve fully-upholstered pieces that can either stand alone or be combined in different ways. Designers can configure large groupings in open lobbies and atriums, or linear arrangements in hallways and corridors. Individual benches can complement large groupings or anchor smaller areas. "Noe is a keen observer of the world around us, and with Colours, he has distilled a very particular experience with nature into a relevant, practical and organic collection of products," says Jerry Helling, President of Bernhardt Design. "The collection is 'organic' in all senses of the word with gently rolling shapes and free form configurations, it feels almost natural." モThe irregularity of these shapes and the fluidity of the groupings help create a very inviting visual in an architectural world that is relatively linear,ヤ states Duchaufour-Lawrance. With Coloursメ mixture of faceted and rounded surfaces, designers can assemble flexible groupings to support different ways of congregating. As with much of Duchaufour-Lawranceメs work, the organic shapes are balanced with crisp tailoring and details. Soft curves create visual interest while saddle stitch detailing inserts geometric structure. Colours is the latest project in an ongoing partnership between Duchaufour-Lawrance and Bernhardt Design that has resulted in some of the brandメs most successful and recognizable products. In 2010, Duchaufour- Lawrance turned the concept of craft on its head with the beautifully hand-made and contemporary Corvo chair. Two years later, he presented Catherine, a contemporary club chair in wood and upholstery, and Chiara, a minimalist pedestal chair meant as a refuge from our hyper-connected world. Most recently, Duchaufour-Lawrance designed the Cinema modular lounge collection for Bernhardt Design.
  • The Brand

    Orphaned at 13, John Bernhardt jumped a box-car to Oregon hoping to become a government surveyor. He returned home three years later to pursue a career as a timber cutter. After buying a sawmill he saw the opportunity to use timber to make solid oak bedroom furniture. Pretty soon folks in Chicago and New York City started buying this furniture for their homes. And so in 1889 the Bernhardt Furniture Company was born in North Carolina. Berhardt’s skill was in leveraging the area’s plentiful supply of beautiful timbers, and local woodworking skills. Never one to do things by halves, he opened his factory with 25 employees.

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