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Bernhardt Furniture Company was founded in 1889 by John M. Bernhardt. Orphaned at 13, John Bernhardt left for Oregon to become a government surveyor but returned home three years later to pursue a career as a logger and timber cutter.

After buying a sawmill, he saw an opportunity to use timber in the manufacture of sturdy oak bedroom furniture. The company he started quickly found a market in such urban centers as Chicago and New York City.

As the business grew under the leadership of the Bernhardt family, new product categories, dining room and living room furniture were added and additional facilities were built or purchased from other furniture manufacturers.

Over the years, Internationally known designers have joined the creative team, including:
        Patrick Jouin (Paris),
        Arik Levy (Paris),
        Ross Lovegrove (London),
        Fabien Baron (New York),
        Jhane Barnes (New York),
        Patrick Norguet (Paris),
        CuldeSac (Valencia),
        Yves Béhar (San Francisco),
        Suzanne Trocmé (London),
        hansandfranz (Munich),
        Christian Biecher (Paris),
        Tyler Brûlé (Zurich),
        Jaime Hayon (Barcelona),
        and Lievore Altherr Molina (Barcelona.)

In 2012, 82-year-old Charles Pollock introduced through Bernhardt Design his first new product in America since the debut of his iconic Pollock Chair forty-seven years earlier.

Bernhardt Design markets to the architectural and design communities and is known for its excellence in design, winning many awards through the years. Bernhardt Design's environmental credentials are impressive wih Greenguard, Leeds and FSC certification.




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