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The year 1972 may have had very litle impact on the life
of a then incipient Spanish design, but internationally two highly significant events took place: the exhibition 'Italy: The New Domestic Landscape' in the MOMA in New York, intended to ratify the leading position of Italian creativity, and the design of the Tizio lamp by Richard Sapper, without question one of the mythic objects in the history of contemporary design.

In Spain, a discreet little volume of texts by Venturi entitled 'Learning from everything' had just gone on sale; a short yet explosive phrase primed to upset the dominant rationality of the time. On the jacket of the book, an irreverent young architect, then aged 30, dared to resort to irony in his defence of the accursed Venturi, making fun of Smithson and calling for a new space for creativity beyond the boundaries of the orthodox.

It was precisely in 1972 that the insolent Tusquets and his gang &emdash; Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici and Lluís Clotet, (the 'wild boys' of Studi Per &emdash) got all worked up about the fact that nobody was daring enough to put their ideas into production and decided to launch their own company, with the help of another architect by the name of Xavier Carulla. In this way they would be able to realize the objects and furniture that came into heir heads and were not to be found in the shops, and they duly leased out the name to Oriol Regas, the eternal host of the 'gauche divine' and an expert in the combining of leisure and business, who had expanded his empire from one discoheque to include the fields of film and record production. Accordingly, the promising companies Bocaccio Films and Bocaccio Redords were joined by Bocaccio Design.

The following year, 1973, the name was shortened to Bd,
the initials which a lot of people mistakenly take to mean Barcelona Design and which have now come to be accepted as a proper name. It was perfectly obvious that after such a bizarre and unusual baptism in the light-hearted Barcelona of the 70s, Bd was not going to be just another company, ordinary, orderly and serious, but much more a one-off experiment dedicated in every fibre to the world of creativity.

In 2009, the company name was again changed, this time to bd barcelona

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