Manufacturer: nanimarquina

Designer: Eduardo Chillida

Dimensions: Different Sizes Available

Eduardo Chillida (1924 – 2002) was a Spanish Basque abstract sculptor.  Fellow Spaniard and rug genius Nani Marquina has adopted selected pieces of Chillida’s work to translate into a collection of rugs called ‘Chillida’, forming a tribute to the artist. 

Comprising the collection are pieces from Chillida’s diverse catalogue called ‘Figura Humana’ 1948, ‘Dibujo tinta’ 1957, ‘Collage’ 1966, ‘Mano’ 1993, ‘Gravitació’n 1993, ‘Gravitación’ 1994, ‘Manos’ 1995, spanning different mediums and even works representing the artist’s hands.

The Chillida collection brings us closer to the cultural symbolism of the Spanish.  All of the rugs are handmade, using various techniques and different materials such as wool, silk and mohair, to give texture and show the essence of Chillida’s work.

Rugs are of various sizes.

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