SAMBA Pendant Lamp

Manufacturer: Hive [design by hive]

Designer: Brad Stebbing

Designed by Brad Stebbing, hand-crafted in the Philippines by Kenneth Cobonpue’s HIVE.

Visually mimicking dancing hips, Samba’s curves bring life into any interior. The Samba hanging lamp works great in clusters, but feels just as comfortable dancing solo.

Hand-crafted from rattan, a sustainable, natural material, the Samba suspension lamp is crafted using a new take on a traditional Vietnamese process. Rather than using strips of bamboo, the lampshades are coiled using rattan rods. As the rattan is thicker and requires far fewer coils, the process is much more efficient and requires much less finishing. The thicker coils also create a very distinct look on the inside of the lampshades which result in the crafted process being visually expressed in the aesthetic.

SAMBA (wide) W38cm x D36cm H38cm available Black or White
SAMBA (slim) W29cm x D28cm H44cm available Aqua Blue or Yellow