Manufacturer: Hive [design by hive]

Designer: Kenneth Cobonpue

Like the dazzling explosion that created the universe, Constellation is a breathtaking formation of lights and lines. Glass lamps wrapped in woven buri hang from the tips of metal rods and form orbits around the central base.

Kenneth Cobonpue's latest creation for HIVE is a brilliant chandelier recalling stars dotted across a night sky.

A symphony of metal, glass and hand woven palm leaf spines, this a beautiful piece suited to restaurants, residences and hotels thanks to its variety of sizes.

Constellation by Kenneth Cobonpue for design by hive can be ordered with the option of...

  • 8 lamps
  • 16 lamps or
  • 24 lamps

...each immaculately encassed in its own glass and buri pine coccoon.  The size of your Constellation is up to you! Kenneth Cobonpue through designbyhive lighting is out of this world.

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