Manufacturer: nanimarquina

Designer: Nani Marquina

Dimensions: 170x240 200x300

One of the things most characteristic of nanimarquina is its connection with the tradition and historical roots of carpet making. Folk emerges from this desire to return to its origins and ornamental culture.

Designed By Nani Marquina herself, this collection is a new take on floral and frieze motifs as represenatations of ancestral themes. It draws on the sobriety of traditional frieze design, updating and adapting it to contemporary settings while retaining its folkloric origin.

The result is a carpet in raw tones. purples and greens that transport you to a warm homely atmosphere filled with legends and myths.


Whilst every care is taken the colour of timber veneers, metals and fabric finishes displayed on a computer screen can deviate from the actual colour due to individual screen settings and image reproduction.  

For samples and clarification on finishes please contact KE-ZU or your nearest distributor

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