RE-TROUVÉ Vase 577

Manufacturer: EMU

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Dimensions: H105xØ72cm

Patricia Urquiola's acclaimed Re-Trouvé is a metal indoor or outdoor furniture collection which evoke past forms created through the use of superior technology.

In the words of Urquiola "Inspiration came from the marvelous icon chairs of the '50's, so full of curls and doodles. I wanted to create new models which would bring together a re-interpretation of this old fashioned design with a more humorous twist, produced with numerical control technology".

The superior metal working technology of Emu allows for the creation of furniture characterized by recurrent patterns of diamond motifs. The geometric design gives three-dimensionality to the pieces. Industrial production enables high product quality whilst maintaining the hand crafted qualities of the furniture.

Vase available in white.

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