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Utilising all facets of design to assist them in their plight, it's their interior design and furniture design which stands out for us. Bold colours, large graphic prints and wallpaper was used in the recent renovations to pump up the jam. And pump up the jam they did. The new design is the epitome of fun, with a large portion of furniture available at KE-ZU filling the space. Spanish manufacturers Sancal, Andreu World and LZF Lamps all feature in the design with Sancal's Tab tables/stools, Chat stools and Tea lounge chairs, Andreu World's Cloe chair, and LZF Lamps, Farolillo suspension lights all dropped into the common areas, maximizing the fun design; and the fun appears to be infectious! Check out what we're now calling 'the Tea Party' , a promo video made by Generator Hostel showing just how much fun you can have with furniture, this is Sancal being utilized like we've never seen before!

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