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  • Features

    • Outdoor chair moulded from one piece
    • Available with or without arms
    • Made from sheet metal and tubular metal rods
    • Hexagonal pattern featured on seat and back
    • Available in white, black, red, green
    • Stackable up to 8
  • Dimensions

    • Width: 610 mm
    • Height: 850 mm
    • Seat Height: 455 mm
    • Depth: 560 mm
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  • About the Product

    The first one-piece moulded and shaped outdoor chair made entirely of completely recyclable steel was made thanks to an innovative high-tech method, making important evolution for EMU in its approach to metal. This development started with sheet and tubular metal, followed by rods. With Pattern it is experimenting with moulded plate, leaving behind the piping and mesh approach of the past. Arik Levy, the refined designer of the collection says that Pattern was devised as a structural idea of transparency and lightness, immersed in the landscape, that suggests barely sketched outlines and visual tricks of technological beauty. The Pattern collection consists of a family of seats (stackable chair) and tables of different formats obtained from single metal sheets, all featuring the typical hexagonal decoration. They are extremely robust in spite of their light weight, and are practically indestructible regardless of the weather. The collection is available in five new colours that enhance the design and the unmistakable style of Pattern.
  • The Brand

    EMU - Elettro Meccanica Umbra - was started in Italy in 1951 to produce military equipment; specifically radios. The founders of EMU, brothers Aldo and Angelo Biscarini, and Dante Menconi, stumbled on a process to plasticise the metal components of the radios to protect them from the weather.

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