• Project |  TIPICS restaurant by estudiHac

    Project | TIPICS restaurant by estudiHac

    TIPICS restaurant in Spain has been given new life following an interior overhauls by estudiHac. Featured in the installation are the Smart chair, Revere table and Smile barstool from Andreu World and the Escape suspension light from LZF. The project also involved a re-design of the restaurants graphics and logo, which was further d...
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  • Milan Preview & Guide 2016

    Milan Preview & Guide 2016

    Milan Preview & Guide | Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 With the celebrated Milan Furniture Fair beginning Tuesday April 12, this is your exclusive KE-ZU supplier guide! Download your copy of the full guide now. You can stay up to date with what's happening at the fair here and can WIN YOUR FAVOURITE NEW PRODUCT by enter...
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  • Telling Tales ... Vol. II

    Telling Tales ... Vol. II

    LZF Lamps present Telling Tales Vol. II featuring Lana & John. Enjoy. Lana hardly ever leaves her apartment. She likes to get up early and open the window while the silence is still outside. She lives on the other side of the avenue, on the seventh floor, just like me. Every day she sings softly. Her songs are sentimental and I ha...
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  • Telling Tales ... Vol. I

    Telling Tales ... Vol. I

    The ever creative folk over at LZF Lamps take you through their latest collection via a collection of illuminated stories on the lives of Julie & Nelosn. Enjoy. Julie never gets back home before six in the morning. She lives alone. I perceive that she’s tired as she has been driving all night. Julie doesn’t want to make an...
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  • The latest from Mobles 114...

    The latest from Mobles 114...

    With the aim of suiting people's lives in both contemporary spaces and also more stylish zones in special or classic locations, Forc by the Lagranja studio for Mobles 114 provides a practical, convenient oak coat stand. The arrangement of the wooden pegs, with their smooth shapes, means they can be used to hang all kinds of g...
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  • New World Style and Old World Charm: How to Cohesively Mix the Two

    New World Style and Old World Charm: How to Cohesively Mix the Two

    A lot of people look at an unfurnished space and find the idea of filling it with furniture and accessories quite daunting. Some people find it hard to envision exactly what they want in an interior, while others are overwhelmed by the opinions of others who share the space but don’t want to participate in the decoration of it. Some...
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  • FFF | Inside TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

    FFF | Inside TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

    TWA Terminal, New York City; by Eero Saarinen and Associates (1962). In 1962, New York City's TWA terminal at JFK Airport set the bar for futuristic urban design. Today, the tubular terminal  is abandoned, following TWA’s financial deterioration and eventual sale to American Airlines. Great Big Story  has unlocked its doors in th...
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  • FFF | Chocolatexture by Nendo

    FFF | Chocolatexture by Nendo

    Japanese design firm Nendo's latest chocolate creations are just as much (if not more) about what's on the outside than the inside. And we can't wait to get our hands on one. Divided into 12 faces each with a different texture, the 'chocolatexturebar' allows you to experience the different tasted created by distinctive textures. Spea...
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  • Eugeni Quitllet | M&O PARIS designer of the year 2016

    Eugeni Quitllet | M&O PARIS designer of the year 2016

    One of our favourite designers, Eugeni Quitllet was recently named Maison & Objet Paris Design of the Year. He readily describes himself as a ‘Disoñador,’ a Spanish contraction of designer and dreamer. His invented future is gravity-free, with incredible aesthetics summarised in a combination of digital precision and flowin...
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  • Minimalism: Why Less Can Be More

    Minimalism: Why Less Can Be More

    Minimalist individuals embrace living a life with less, and minimalist architecture and design is no exception. Spaces are stripped of anything non-essential, and only the fundamental necessities remain. Those who practice this lifestyle will appreciate the simple elegance of design that is stripped bare. House in Nagoya 01 by S...
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